LAX Prepares for a New Makeover

LAX is expected a multi-billion dollar renovation in the next few years that might cause headaches for some travelers.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the nation's third-busiest, is currently undergoing several renovations that might present problems for vacationers.  Those travelers who have purchased trip insurance will have the advantage in case of delays or cancellations. Even though getting around the sprawl of L.A. hasn't been an easy thing to do for quite some time, the areas around LAX may result in even more headaches in the coming months, according to the Los Angeles Times.

This facelift, which is expected to last until 2019 and cost several billion dollars, has been adding even more traffic problems to the already gridlocked city. However, officials claim that a renovation to LAX is long overdue, as the terminals haven't been upgraded since L.A. hosted the 1984 Summer Olympics 30 years ago. In fact, NBC News pointed out that LAX's age is definitely beginning to show, as several interior scenes from "Mad Men" (a show set in the 1960s) were shot in the terminals.

Details of the Renovation
Many of the upgrades are geared toward making LAX a glamorous place to fly in and out of again. The airport is expected to look and feel much more open with daylighting – which should be easy to manage in sunny southern California. However, several technological renovations are also expected to be installed, including more electrical outlets and USB ports for devices. For everyone's comfort, new bathroom plans are also in the works at LAX.

Making LAX Run Faster
One of the biggest complaints at LAX are delays and waiting, which is why part of the project includes the installation of dual passenger loading bridges. Officials believe that this will help make boarding and deplaning much faster for passengers.

LAX Goes Green
LAX is also committed to respecting the environment with their new renovation. In fact, the terminal is going to be using recycled building materials and optimizing energy efficiency with LED lighting, which is why the terminal has already achieved LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Not only will this give a more modern look to the airport, but it will also reduce the city's carbon footprint.  

Although all of these renovations should help traveling in and out of L.A. a more pleasant experience in the future, travelers should keep in mind that they might experience some travel-related hiccups in the terminal in the next few years. This is why it is recommended to purchase travel insurance to protect your travel investment.

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