Quality of Life Survey Reveals the World’s Most Sought-After Travel Destinations

Every year, Monocle Magazine conducts a global quality of life survey to determine the best cities in the world. Although there are many localized measures that go into the survey, such as low crime rates and sound infrastructure, there are many aspects that pertain to travel – like culture, art, attractions and cuisine. Needless to say, this survey could give you some great ideas for the rest of 2014. No matter where you choose to travel, it is recommended to purchase travel insurance to protect your travel investment.

Here are the top 15 cities for quality of life:

15. Vancouver, Canada
14. Berlin
13. Hong Kong
12. Auckland, New Zealand
11. Sydney
10. Fukuoka, Japan
9. Kyoto, Japan
8. Munich
7. Zurich
6. Vienna
5. Helsinki
4. Stockholm
3. Melbourne, Australia
2. Tokyo
1. Copenhagen

Highlights from the survey
It seems that North America may have some work to do in terms of travel appeal and quality of life, as Vancouver was the only qualifying city on the continent to make the list. Monocle noted that Vienna is undergoing radical changes to make the city more pedestrian-friendly – a great thing to keep in mind for tourists – and Berlin was the highest-rising city this year in the global index. Tokyo continues to lead the way in Asia and may see even more travelers in its future thanks to the upcoming Olympic Games in 2020.

Why Copenhagen stands out above the rest
Few cities have invested more in public space than Copenhagen, and the city has now topped the list for the second year in a row. Even though Copenhagen is remarkably modern, it still makes great efforts to preserve its culture and legacy. Copenhagen is also experiencing a foodie boom as Nordic food is becoming more popular, especially with Noma – considered the No. 1 restaurant in the world.