Survey reveals the best seats for a flight

A recent survey showed that 59 percent of respondents enjoyed the window seat.

As vacationers and business people who fly frequently and protect their travel investment with travel insurance, you know that there are good flights and bad flights. While we all probably would prefer first class seats every time, some of us may differ in opinion when it comes to things like the aisle or window seat.

However, where you sit on the plane may have a lot to do with your trip experience, according to a survey from British-based carrier easyJet. Because millions of Americans are setting their sights on summer getaways, now is the perfect time to discover what is the best place to sit on the plane.

Details of the survey
EasyJet – which is the largest carrier in the U.K. – polled 10,000 airline travelers in countries across Europe and specifically asked questions based on seat preference, and the results were quite enlightening. For example, 59 percent of those polled revealed that they prefer the window seat, so the view is one of the biggest factors for a successful flight. Apparently people do not like being surrounded on a plane, as only 3 percent of respondents stated that they enjoyed the middle seat. Window seats were also very popular with nervous travelers who need views to keep them occupied during a flight. Younger travelers who enjoy taking and posting pictures enjoyed the views from side of the plane as well.

The carrier’s sales reports show that 7F is considered the most desirable seat on the plane, while 19C is considered the worst. There are were also noted preferences based on nationality, according to the poll. For instance, the Portuguese preferred the window seat by an overwhelming majority at 80 percent, while 48 percent of people from the Netherlands enjoyed the aisle.

Reasons for choosing the aisle included greater access to space and more ability to move around during a flight. Older travelers and business travelers who want to get off the plane in a hurry also preferred this placement. No matter where passengers want to sit, it seems that having a choice was of the utmost importance. Companies in the U.S. like Southwest Airlines have also forgone assigned seating for this very reason, as it gives travelers more control over their experience.

Easyjet’s response to the best possible seat preference at 7A is similar to a 2013 Skyscanner report showing that the most desired spot on the plane is 6A, while the worst was 31E.

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