The World’s Top 25 Cities for Quality of Life

Top 25 Cities for Quality of Life

Every year, Monocle Magazine conducts a global quality of life survey to determine the best cities in the world. Although there are many localized measures that go into the survey, such as low crime rates and sound infrastructure, there are many aspects that pertain to travel – like culture, art, attractions, and cuisine.

Needless to say, this survey could give you some great ideas for your 2019 travels.

Enjoy the video and find the full list below.

Here are the world’s top 25 cities for quality of life:

25. Oslo
24. Brisbane
23. Auckland
22. Fukuoka
21. Singapore
20. Paris
19. Barcelona
18. Düsseldorf
17. Kyoto
16. Amsterdam
15. Vancouver
14. Hong Kong
13. Sydney
12. Lisbon
11. Stockholm
10. Helsinki
9. Melbourne
8. Hamburg
7. Madrid
6. Berlin
5. Copenhagen
4. Zürich
3. Vienna
2. Tokyo
1. Munich

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