The Best Bike Tours in the USA

Best Bike Tours in the USA

With so much to see in the United States, you don’t have to travel internationally to experience a biking trip of a lifetime. U.S. bike tours and cycling vacations can create some of the best adventures and cherished memories. Focused on the great outdoors, extraordinary scenery, and quality time spent together; bike tours get people away from digital screens and into the fresh air. Biking is also great exercise, whether gliding along a smooth trail in a lush forest or taking on a challenging mountain pass. You can ride the Rails to Trails system that boasts over 23,000 miles of trails across the country, book a guided National Park multi-sport tour, explore a culinary bike tour to a specific region or even combine a bike tour with a cruise – whatever you choose, exciting adventures await you!

When planning a bike tour, think about your preferred type of tour style so you can ride at your comfort level. Are you an avid rider comfortable with primitive terrain and single track adventures, or do you prefer a leisurely ride with fewer hills? Do you enjoy riding 3 hours a day at a slow pace or do you prefer a 20-mile adventure ride? Bike tours are designed specifically for a variety of skill levels. Choose a tour to match your endurance so your time in the saddle is enjoyable. Trek Travel has a handy chart to help you find your riding level.

To help get you started, check out a few of our top choices for best bike tours in the USA:


Bike tours with your family are a fun-filled, bonding experience. Take the whole family on a tour of Zion National Park with Trek Travel. You will spend a long weekend riding Pa’rus Bike Path, along the floor of the Zion Canyon, through desert landscapes and much more. Trek Travel also offer tours of the Pacific Northwest’s San Juan Islands or from the Champlain Valley to the Green Mountains of Vermont.


A self-guided bike tour doesn’t mean you are completely out there on your own. You can travel on your own terms with the help you may need along the way. Typically cheaper than a guided bike tour, self-guided tours can be more flexible, affordable and include only your small group. With a company like Pure Adventures, you also receive all the support you’ll need, fully-researched routes and trip materials, luggage transfers, lodging and emergency services. Trips range from regions like the Sonoma Wine Country to an Aspen family adventure in the mountains.

Electric Bike

If you feel like a regular biking trip might be too strenuous for you, consider an electric bike tour. Electric bikes have an integrated electric motor with several speed settings that can be used only when needed. They can give you an extra boost up hills or temporarily help you catch up with your group. While not designed to give you a “free ride” like a scooter (a charge only lasts for so long), it’s a nice balance of healthy pedaling effort and a bit of extra help when you need it.

While many U.S. travel companies and local tour groups now rent out e-bikes for guided and self-guided rides, be aware that not all trails allow e-bikes and some require special permits. Always check with your tour company. To get started, check out the e-bike tours recommended by the Adventure Cycling Association.


Looking for a multisport tour where you can bike, hike, raft and kayak? Check out Trek Travels’ offerings with exciting destinations like the Rocky Mountains’ Glacier National Park, Alaska’s West Coast, San Juan Islands, Tennessee and other destinations across the United States. Companies like Western Spirit Cycling Adventures will even create custom bike trips for you, adding amenities (massage anyone?) and special request experiences to suit your occasion.

Cross Country

If riding across the country is on your bucket list, tour companies such as Trek Travel Cross Country Bike Tours handle every detail. They offer top-notch support, guides, top-of-the-line bikes, lodging, meals and more to help your dream become a reality. CrossRoads Cycling Adventures offers 3,500 miles of breathtaking vistas between the Pacific Coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

With numerous bike tour types and a wide array of trip options, the possibilities are endless. So go ahead and get your adventure on – a biking tour will give you stories to tell for generations to come. Let’s ride!

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