Top Cities in the U.S. for Sports Travel

With football and baseball season in full swing in America, many travelers are beginning to secure travel insurance to head to one of many sports-crazy hubs. However, just like cuisine, historical sites and museums, each metropolis in the United States has its own sports culture, and some hubs simply rise above the rest when it comes to happening sports bars and passionate fans.

If you are a sports lover who likes to travel, don’t miss one of these beautiful hubs for a great day out at the ballpark.

While the Chicago Cubs haven’t won a championship in more than a century, it doesn’t stop baseball fans from all over the country from visiting Wrigley Field. This is one of the country’s most famous and well-preserved icons of America’s pastime, and you can even get an authentic Chicago hot dog while there. The Chicago Blackhawks are another favorite team, and one of the best places to see some excellent memorabilia and cheer on the masters of the ice is at Pequod’s Pizza in Lincoln Park – the delectable slices of deep dish will get you in a seat regardless of whether or not you are a sports fan.

The Denver Broncos are always a heavy hitter in the National Football League, and at Mile High Stadium, you can be sure to see some pretty passionate fans who can withstand the colder temperatures. However, football isn’t the only sport to check out. The Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche are also consistently at the top of their game, and when the Rocky Mountains are in the background, what’s not to love?

There are few sports cities more iconic than Boston, and Fenway Park – the home of the Red Sox – has a lot to do with it. Bleacher Report calls it “one of the best live sporting experiences in North America,” and the team has an excellent record to prove it. However, even if you are here in the colder months, you can’t go wrong with seeing the Boston Celtics or Bruins hit the nets at TD Bank Garden.

San Francisco/Oakland
Your options for seeing a sporting event are practically limitless in the Bay Area, with two NFL teams, two MLB stadiums as well as the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. AT&T Park, the home of the Giants, is always ranked as one of the best stadiums in the country, and tailgating in the temperate weather is sure to be less frosty in San Francisco when compared to the city’s Midwestern and East Coast counterparts.