App Helps Travelers Find Gyms While on Vacation

App Helps Travelers Find Gym

Whether you’re headed to the beach with family or a major city for business travel, it’s likely that you’ll want to stick to your exercise plan while you’re away. However, one of the pain points of the travel industry is the fact that hotel gyms don’t always cater to avid exercisers. Even those that do offer on-site gyms don’t necessarily invest in upkeep or amenities.

If you purchased travel insurance to protect your trip investment, you get to the location and realize that the fitness center at your hotel isn’t for you, try this new app that could help you search and book passes with a local gym so that you can stick to your workout plan in style.

“Most hotel gyms are just a small row of treadmills, and maybe a half-complete weight rack. For anyone serious about working out, it’s usually not enough,” Kevin Bracken, chief executive officer of Gymsurfing, explained to Business Insider.

Gymsurfing gives you better fitness options while away
So far, the company features gyms that offer passes in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami and Toronto, but the app plans to add more locations in the future. Gymsurfing also only has capabilities for iPhone users, but has made plans to include Android devices, among others. If you’re growing tired of the same old treadmill every time you head out on a business trip, then Gymsurfing could put you in contact with your exercise needs.

Healthy living and exercise a popular trend in business travel
Staying healthy, balanced and relaxed during business trips is important to travelers, according to a 2013 American Express survey. Based on their results, a whopping 74 percent of business travelers stated that they drink extra amounts of water while on a trip, 41 percent use vitamins and 44 percent said that they headed to the gym. This means that health and wellness isn’t just a priority when you are at home – it’s also a part of your travel schedule that shouldn’t be ignored.

Business travelers may also need these exercise options as a way to relax and blow off steam, especially if they are consumed with work while on the road. Exercise is one of many healthy ways to alleviate stress, so having innovative tools like Gymsurfing could give business travelers the chance to better balance their leisure activities during a work-related trip.

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