What to Do if You Have a Cold Before your Flight

You have all of the details ironed out for your trip, from your trip insurance coverage to your airfare to your rental car. Then, in those few days leading up to your big vacation, the sniffles start. Your throat starts to feel scratchy. Your nose won’t stop running and you feel like you “got hit by a truck.” Despite your best efforts, a head cold has gotten the best of you.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation for any vacationer. You’ve already taken time off, scheduled someone to watch your pets and have a flight to catch, but you really do feel miserable. Should you tough it out and go with everything according to plan or stay home and take the safe route?

See a doctor
Depending on where you are going, what activities you have planned and the severity of your cold, your doctor may be able to give you more insight about whether or not you should plan your trip. He or she can assess whether or not you should stay home and reschedule or make plans to carry out your trip as scheduled.

If you do fly, be extra cautious
Be sure to stock up on plenty of cough suppressants and over-the-counter medications before you board, and try to catch up on sleep if you are on a long flight. Being in the air can also be very dehydrating to the system, even if you aren’t sick. Bring an extra large water bottle with you and drink as much H2O as possible. You may have to make several trips to the restroom, but it will be worth it to keep your body in fighting condition.

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