Travel Insurance Saves the Day – Stories from Travel Agents

Travel Agents Travel Insurance Stories

Travel agents work tirelessly to make sure their clients are well cared for, frequently saving the day and helping them “Travel On.” Their clients love them for it, and so do we.

We’ve received many great stories from travel agents on how important travel insurance is in protecting a traveler’s journey. Whether a client couldn’t go on their trip, had a medical emergency, experienced a trip delay or needed travel assistance, Travelex was there to help protect their client and their trip investment. These stories are excellent reminders that travel insurance is for the unexpected.

Trip Cancellation

Accident, injury, loss of employment, business reasons i, sickness or even death of a loved one are all things that might prevent you from traveling. Protect your travel investment in case you need to cancel your trip.

“My clients were scheduled to depart in less than 48 hours for their much-anticipated cruise vacation to Asia, when the husband collapsed and was hospitalized from the flu. Thankfully, he has recovered, and Travelex reimbursed them 100% for their entire trip. The staff at Travelex made the entire claims process painless.” – Debbie Wiseman, Cadence Travel

Medical Emergency

We provide coverage for emergency medical treatment and evacuation when you’re traveling. We’ll transport you to the hospital of your choice and cover added travel expenses for your escort too. Plans include a pre-existing exclusion waiver.i

“I saved the day for one of my clients with Travelex. She fell and broke her arm on an excursion prior to her Antarctic cruise and had to be flown to the US for surgery. It would have cost her a small fortune for the air travel (business class required) and missing her expensive cruise. Travelex took care of everything, hassle free. Thank you!” – Donna Evans, Andavo Travel

“Travelex assisted my client when he got food poisoning in Mexico and had to be hospitalized. You took care of all the requirements so he could rest and his wife be by his side.” – Sharon Martin, Golden Rule Travel

Trip Delay

Weather and mechanical issues may cause your flight or other transportation to be delayed, resulting in unexpected expenses on the road. Our plans provide reimbursement for additional expenses such as accommodations, transportation and meals.

“My clients got stuck in the airport and missed their cruise. They were able to get a flight and catch the cruise in Cozumel 3 days later. Thanks to Travelex, all their extra expenses were paid to them in addition to the loss of their cruise time. They were conflicted about taking travel insurance. They (and me) are glad they took it!! Thank you, Travelex!” – Connie Neidig, Capture the Magic Vacations

“I had a couple flying to Hawaii for the 25th Anniversary celebration when their plane was hit by birds and the front windshield broke. The plane was forced down in San Francisco and it took SEVERAL hours until a replacement plane could get the passengers on their way. It was a huge trip delay and the cruise ship left the port without them; however, when the plane finally did get there, a small plane was waiting to take them (and two other couples) to the next port to meet up with the ship. Because they were insured with Travelex, they were protected from the extra fees from the trip delay and all was fine for them to enjoy their 25th Wedding Anniversary Cruise. Whenever they travel, they make sure they are insured with TRAVELEX.” – Patti Cardozo, Tours and Cruises Unlimited

Travel Assistance Services

24/7 travel assistance ii through a toll-free number for help with medical emergencies, lost items such as passports, visas, prescriptions and luggage. Includes business services, event ticketing and much more.

“I had a stroke in England while traveling by myself in January. Travelex called me every day to see how I was doing while in the hospital and then while waiting to get clearance to fly. Then they sent a rescue nurse to come get me. She was wonderful and got me home and all the way into my bed. There was an ice storm the day we arrived back and one wheelchair pusher in the entire airport. We were lined up like planes on a runway. She made him service me first and we bypassed 20 other people.” – Linda de Sosa, Travel Experts

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i. Provided by the designated provider as listed in the policy
ii. Purchase requirements apply for certain coverages and upgrades. See plan brochure or policy for more info