What Inspires Americans to Take a Vacation (Or Keeps Them Home)

What Inspires Americans to Take a Vacation

According to a new study into the travel habits of 2,000 Americans, most spend nearly a year of their lives dreaming about that next vacation. OnePoll, on behalf of Travelex, conducted a survey revealing Americans spend over 113 hours every year thinking about getting away from the daily grind. Ranking at an impressive 58 percent, many of us simply need a break. It’s no wonder the average American checks flight deals almost every week!

“Between work and personal lives most people have a very hectic day-to-day routine,” said Christine Buggy of Travelex. “Taking a vacation away from home is the only way to get some well-deserved rest, relaxation and quality time with family and friends.”

Why People Travel

What did 52 percent of Americans declare as their main reason to travel? Relaxation

Interestingly, this answer won out over partying and even adventure seeking. In fact, 48 percent of participants said they currently had a leisure trip already planned and identified their top, motivating vacation destinations as the beach (28%), the city (22%) and the mountains (13%).

Top 5 Reasons Americans Felt Inspired to Travel:

  1. Take a break from my everyday life
  2. Visit a friend or family member
  3. Celebrate a life event (birthday, anniversary, wedding, reunion)
  4. Attend a leisure event (festival, retreat, etc.)
  5. Romance with their partner

While the average person views 2.4 vacation pictures on social media every day (or 891 per year), the use of it certainly seems to play a role in our motivation as well. Americans admit by 36 percent they are compelled to show off their fun so others see they have a great life. Every day we see posts with beautiful and exotic locations we would like to experience. With people saying they smile more (71%), laugh more (69%) and feel less stress (71%) while on vacation, who wouldn’t want more of those things in their life?

While it seems we all want more travel time, 56 percent of Americans claim money is their biggest concern.

There are unforeseen events to worry about too, such as needing to cancel a trip at the last minute. Forty percent of us have had this experience, so it’s not surprising that 34 percent of respondents stated they purchase travel insurance just for this reason.

Top 4 Travel Concerns:

  1. Just too expensive
  2. There’s not enough time
  3. Worried about safety
  4. Lost or late arrival of baggage

How Travel Insurance Can Help Address Your Concerns

While social media may trigger FOMO (fear of missing out) in some, don’t let worry keep you from taking that much-needed vacation. We recommend purchasing affordable travel insurance when you pay your first trip deposit. From business trips and weekend getaways to luxury vacations and cruises, travel protection can be customized to meet your exact travel needs.

  • Worried about losing your vacation investment? Consider protecting your trip with our Travel Select or Travel Basic protection plan. Covering cancellation, interruption, delays and more, you can put your mind at ease when paying for your trip. Flight Insure plans also gives you extra security and reassurance when paying for costly airline tickets.
  • Is safety your primary concern? Comprehensive travel protection plans provide coverage for emergency medical, dental and medical evacuation if the need arises.
  • Nervous about lost or late arrival of baggage? Our Travel Select and Travel Basic plans provide coverage for lost, damaged or delayed baggage.
  • Traveling with family? Our Travel Select plan covers children 17 and under for no additional cost, and can be customized to meet many other specific travel needs.

“Most people spend a considerable amount of time and money planning their vacation. An unexpected injury, illness, or misfortune can interrupt all the fun during your trip or even cause you to cancel,” said Christine Buggy of Travelex. “Unplanned events happen, and they can derail a vacation, leaving you with additional expenses or the loss of non-refundable payments. A Travelex insurance plan can help keep you protected against those unforeseen events.”

At Travelex, protecting your travel dreams is our main priority, so go ahead – dream, explore, travel on. Plan your vacation and enjoy the stress-free, relaxing time away that you deserve.

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