Time Management Tips for Business Travelers

Traveling for business is quite different from those leisurely vacation days when you sleep in, wander around a city or spend some time on the beach. While you can still have fun on a business trip, most travelers have to stick to a timeline that revolves around early, quick flights interspersed with business meetings, important lunches and expos that further the success of your company.

However, if you are traveling on a business trip for the first time, you might want to purchase a travel insurance package to iron out any bumps in the road you might encounter along the way and to protect your travel investment. Here are some excellent ways to manage your time more effectively so that you can work hard and also have a little fun during your next business trip:

For shorter trips, use a carry-on: You can save a lot of time at the airport by fitting everything into a duffle bag or rollaway carry-on. No one – especially business travelers on tight schedules – likes to watch the clock tick by standing next to baggage claim. Most domestic business trips usually only last a few days, so a carry-on is usually the best fit for your travels anyway.

Keep your laptop with you: Even if you aren’t planning on working from the plane, you’ll want to keep your computer bag close by. This is important because you might change your mind if you become bored mid-flight, and you’ll want to keep all of your hard work guarded and protected.

Use your downtime wisely: In between meetings? Check on your email or head out with a coworker for a lunch or coffee break. This can boost morale and allow you to touch base with the company back home.

Go for business casual: During your flights, on public transit or during your downtime, opt for wrinkle-free business casual clothing. This way, you will feel more comfortable, and when you meet face-to-face with a client, you will look like the business pro you are.

Don’t underestimate the power of technology: There are numerous apps perfectly designed for the business traveler, from finding the perfect restaurant to entertain your clients and hailing a cab. Flash or thumb drives are also excellent for storing important PowerPoint presentations in case something happens to your computer during the trip.

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