Five Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

Travelex Insurance Services (TIS) loves travel agents!

Travel agents are the backbone of the travel industry. They use their expertise to help their clients have the best travel experience possible, often making travel dreams come true.

May 3rd, 2017 was National Travel Agent Day and TIS celebrated by showing our love and appreciation to travel agents. We asked travel agents to tell us why they loved working in the travel industry. We randomly selected one entry to win a $200 Visa Gift Card.

The response was overwhelming and their comments proved to be an excellent reminder of why you should use a travel agent when booking your next trip.

We used their responses to create a list of five reasons why you should use a travel agent (you can view all responses on our Facebook post).

  1. They Have Expertise – it’s not difficult to find travel agents who have been in the industry for years. In many cases, they have traveled extensively to your prospective destination. They’ll be able to provide a customized travel itinerary based on your preferences, as well as make recommendations from their own travel experiences, helping you to get the most enjoyment out of your trip.

    “I’m lucky that I have a career where I am selling the destinations I am passionate about, getting to share my ideas and experiences with clients and then creating a truly unique itinerary to fit their needs gives me a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am helping them not only visit a destination but actually immerse themselves in it.” – Tamera Brolin, Borton Overseas

  2. They Want to Provide the Best Experience – this goes beyond trying to get referrals for more business or trying to ensure you become a repeat client. A travel agent wants you to have the best experience possible because with all the excitement of planning they become emotionally invested in your trip. And when you return and share the details of your trip, they feel part of the experience.

    “I love working in travel because I get to be part of a client’s excitement and learning experience when they travel to exotic lands or visit their top bucket-list destinations. It’s like revisiting them myself when I hear their voices express joy and pleasure at finally experiencing their dream vacation. It brings back my own happy memories and hopes to return.” – Karyn Farr, Cadence Travel

  3. They Have Understanding – travel agents travel, it’s essentially a requirement to succeed in the profession. They’ve had those feelings of awe, immersion, relaxation, transformation, and the many other experiences travel can bring. Because they understand and have lived these powerful, once-in-a-lifetime moments, they will do everything they can to ensure you experience them yourself.

    “Seeing the sun set over the Colosseum in Rome or listening to the beautiful Italian singing as you drift along the Venice canal; feeling as if you are part of a movie set and not wanting to ever leave – Being able to share the beauty and culture of the world with our clients is why we do what we do!” – Sherry Moore, STORY Land & Sea Small Group Tours

  4. They Love What They Do – travel agents truly love their jobs. When you love what you do it doesn’t feel like a job, or work, it feels like a calling. This love translates into better experiences for clients from everything in the planning phase to taking the actual trip. It’s why those who use a great travel agent keep coming back.

    “I LOVE working in Travel for so many reasons! As a Travel Specialist the joy of being a part of someone’s Wedding, Honeymoon, Family Vacation, etc.… is so rewarding & it is wonderful to be included in people’s lives that way! Clients come to us because they can & want to! I know I am truly blessed to do what I love to do and I make a living doing so 😉 Thanks Travelex Insurance for covering our clients!!” – Anni Brandt, Annette Besch Travel

  5. They Value Your Investment and Safety – travel agents recognize the power of travel and lasting memories it creates. But they also understand that things can go wrong when you travel. Whether it’s a flight delay, injury or natural disaster, there are many things that can happen to delay or even stop your trip. For this reason, they can recommend the best travel protection plan to help protect you and your trip investment.

    “Nothing beats helping a client fulfill on their bucket-list destinations, and even better – the feedback when they get back. We are lucky to sell experiences that create priceless memories. Thanks to our partnership with Travelex Insurance, I feel confident sending our clients all over the globe.” – Megan Hintz, Kathleen Stahl Travel