International Airshow Reveals Top 10 Airlines Worldwide

The Farnborough International Airshow, a tribute to all things aviation, is now entering its 49th year. Every July in Hampshire, England, some of the biggest names in the travel industry meet up to secure bragging rights, show off their new flying toys and determine who the heavy hitters are when it comes to both budget and luxury travel. To see which airline might help you make the most of your travel experience, check out which worldwide carriers were considered the best, as determined by the votes of millions of travelers:

10. Lufthansa
9. Etihad Airways
8. Asiana Airlines
7. Garuda Indonesia
6. ANA All Nippon Airways
5. Turkish Airlines
4. Emirates
3. Singapore Airlines
2. Qatar Airlines
1. Cathay Pacific

“Of all the sellers, Cathay were the best performers across all types of travel,” Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, told CNN. “Some airliners were very good in economy, others in luxury, but they were top or near the top in all categories.”

This was a big change from last year’s title, which awarded the best airline to Emirates, and also marked Cathay Pacific’s first big win. When it came to North America, it seems that the U.S. could use a bit of work with speed and customer service, as Air Canada took home the prize for this region.

There were several other notable stunts and innovations on full display in Hampshire as well, according to the Telegraph. Some of these included a flying car that was operated with the use of a paraglide, entertaining wingwalkers and jetliners featuring luxury beds, cinema lounges and fine-dining areas. Experts in the industry also noted that in-flight broadband services won’t be expensive for much longer, as more travelers are demanding free WiFi during their flights.