The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Some people may think that studying overseas seems like a luxury, but many experts agree that it’s one of the best things you can do to enrich your life both personally and professionally. There are many undergraduate and graduate programs at universities across the U.S. that allow students to learn more about their field of study and gain a completely new perspective of the world. Here’s why studying abroad is an excellent idea for yourself or your child:

It could make you more viable in the job market
Certain destinations are perfect for the field of study or major you specialize in, which could look fantastic on your resume when you are looking for a job after graduation. For instance, if you are majoring in marketing or finance, a trip to London or Hong Kong could be an excellent way for you to better understand the ins and outs of global markets. If you are studying art, you can’t beat spending a summer in Paris, and if you want to get into politics, a study in Brussels, the E.U.’s headquarters, could be the perfect fit for international affairs.

First-hand knowledge and expertise
Reading and learning about the places you are studying is important, but it definitely can’t beat the subject matter expertise you can gain from actually being there. This is especially true if you are looking at mastering another language as part of your studies. Many people find that they are not truly immersed in their dialect until they live in a country that speaks their second language.

You can globalize yourself
Traveling and living abroad requires a whole new set of thinking. While this might seem intimidating at first, gaining a global perspective can actually work wonders for your personal and professional growth. Students who have traveled abroad are typically better able to understand complex problems because they have been in situations where they had to interact with others who are completely different from themselves.

Opportunity to travel
It’s not all work and no play when you are traveling abroad. Many schools allow free time so that you can explore the city, region and country that you are staying in. You will also be able to enjoy your weekends and holidays as you see fit, giving you even more independence as you travel the world. To protect your travel investment, it is recommended to purchase trip insurance.