The Most Aggravating Airplane Behavior According to New Study

The Most Annoying Airplane Behavior

Planning to fly the friendly skies? Sometimes they aren’t so friendly.

While there’s always the risk of weather-related turbulence, more commonly the turbulence is caused by your fellow passengers.

Expedia recently released their third annual study of the most aggravating airplane behavior. Take a look at the list below to see which behaviors travelers find to be the most aggravating (and make sure you’re not guilty of them).

The Most Aggravating Airplane Behavior

  1. Rear Seat Kicker – For the third year in a row, the rear seat kicker takes the top spot as the most annoying airplane behavior. How is this happening? The only people that should be guilty of this is children, which brings us to our second most annoying behavior …
  2. Inattentive Parents – Pay attention to your kids! The airplane is a shared space and if your child is causing a ruckus, it’s your responsibility to deal with it. See our Comprehensive Guide to Flying with Kids to make the trip as smooth as possible for you and those around you.
  3. The Aromatic Passenger – Before boarding a plane, be sure to do the following: take a shower, apply deodorant, and avoid putting on perfume or cologne (or hold yourself to a strict one-spray limit).
  4. The Audio Insensitive – Sound leaks from many types of headphones (especially on-the-ear models) so listen at a reasonable volume, always use headphones when using your electronic device for anything that involves sound, and keep the chatter to a low volume.
  5. The Boozer – It’s an airplane, not a bar. Control your alcohol intake.
  6. Chatty Cathy – Just because you’re sitting next to someone on a plane, doesn’t mean they want to hear your life-story. It’s okay to say hello and introduce yourself, but if your neighbor doesn’t engage you back, they probably don’t want to chat.
  7. The Queue Jumper – Wait your turn to board and deboard the plane. Don’t assume that you’re the only one in a rush or that your time is more important than others.
  8. Seat-Back Guy – Perhaps the biggest grey-area in airplane etiquette: the reclined seat. This has shown up on the list for the third year in a row which means passengers do find this behavior annoying. Please be conscious of the person’s space behind you.
  9. The Armrest Hog – Let the person in the middle seat lay claim to the armrest as they don’t have the luxury of leaning against the window or towards the aisle.
  10. Pungent Foodies – This one is pretty simple, don’t bring smelly foods on the plane. Not everyone enjoys the smell of your tuna fish sandwich. See our guidelines for taking food on a plane.
  11. The Undresser – Unless you’ve never flown before, you generally know the amount of clothing you’ll need to be comfortable. If you’re warm, see if your air vent can provide some relief.
  12. The Amorous – Ah, there’s nothing better than young love … but there’s nothing worse than public displays of affection, especially on a plane. Wait until you have a bit more privacy.
  13. The Mad Bladder – Avoid excessive liquids and any foods that may give you an upset stomach before and during long flights. This is especially important if you’re not in the aisle seat.
  14. The Single and Ready to Mingle – People don’t generally board a plane because they’re looking for love. Save the flirting for another time.

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