The Six Best Travel Apps for 2019

The Six Best Travel Apps

Most travel apps these days aren’t worth downloading. Often times you’ll use them once or twice and they’ll either be deleted or relegated to the fifth screen of your smart phone.

However, we know you’re passionate about traveling. We know you want your travels to be carefree and safe. We know you want to enhance your experience and discover new things.

In the list below you will find a carefully curated list of the six best travel apps to help you get the most out of your trip.



1. Tripcase

No need to bring numerous paper print-outs to keep track of your flight times, hotel reservations, rental car information and everything else you have planned for your trip. The TripCase app allows you to access all your trip itinerary information and even access important travel documents all from a single app on your phone (or Apple Watch).

2. Sidekix

This fantastic app is the best way to discover a new city on foot! It has loads of amazing features including a GPS system that’s designed specifically with the walker in mind.

You can easily see the highest rated places around you and even get recommendations by local bloggers. Visit the places the locals love rather than sticking to tourist destinations or leaving it up to chance.

In addition, Sidekix also provides “interest based routing”. Want to go bar-hopping, check out art-galleries or maybe go on a shopping spree? Sidekix will provide a route specifically for you.

3. UVLens

Being fair skinned and incredibly susceptible to sun-burns, UVLens has been a life-saver for me.

First of all, UVLens will provide the UV forecast for the day so you know when it’s safest to be in the sun. In addition, this handy app tells you how long you can be in the sun and what protective measures you need to take based on your skin type.

4. Duolingo

Are you looking for a fun and addictive game? Are you also looking to learn a new language for your next international trip? Then Duolingo is the app for you.

Simply choose the language you want to learn, select your daily practice goal and select your current level (start with the basics or take a placement test if you already know some of the language). That’s it – start gaming and learning.

5. TripList

One of my least favorite parts of traveling is packing. Whether it’s worrying about what I should bring or forgetting to pack an essential.

TripList allows you to create packing lists (customize your own or use one of their lists) that you can reuse over and over again. As you pack an item just simply check it off your list. It also allows you to set up “tasks” such as “charge batteries”, “book rental car”, etc…

Never again will I forget my prescription medication, phone charger or contact solution. If only the McCallisters would have had TripList…

TripList App

6. GasBuddy

Taking a road trip? GasBuddy will not only show you the most efficient gas stations for your route, more importantly it will also tell you where gas is the cheapest. What an easy way to save money!

Furthermore, the app also includes a handy trip cost calculator so you know how much you’ll be spending on gas. Finally, as an added bonus, when you report gas prices you are automatically entered to win $100 in free gas – enter every day!


WiFi Map

Don’t let those data charges add up. WiFi Map provides the most up-to-date database of accessible Wi-Fi. Find the free Wi-Fi spots in your area and get the passwords all in one place.


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